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DBG Member Exclusive Offer – Ag.Drive

Ag-drive is a cloud-based app for agricultural contractors and farmers to help manage your business.
From job planning through to completion, along with the ability to send an invoice linked to accounts packages such as Xero and Quickbooks, Ag-drive provides a truly paperless system making every contracting business accountable and traceable.
Ag-drive gives users clear and precise instructions from field mapping to pre-start health and safety checks, timesheets and invoicing to give the contractor, farmer and operator peace of mind, with instant data access at any time.

Key features include:
Telematic job recording – Send jobs directly to your operator and be notified of when the operator has travelled to the job, started and finished the job whilst, also view live in-progress job summary.
Fully customisable job operations – set each job operation for your individual needs. You can also add photographs, job instructions and job starting points when scheduling a job.
Product lists – Can be added to jobs such as silage wrap, fuel, agrochemicals and fertiliser etc.
Unique farm/contractor relationship – Ag-drive farm users can send jobs to their contractors through the app, so job instructions are in black and white. Full traceability for the farmer as he can view the job as it’s happening. Contractors can also send jobs to sub-contractors.
Field mapping – Map fields through the app and also, import fields from shapefile formats. Information such as crop, variety, year and job history can also be included.
Timesheets – No excuses for late, illegible or incorrect timesheets! Operators can enter timesheet details through the app in a matter of seconds.
Health and safety – Risk assessments can be attached to each individual job.
Vehicle maintenance and pre-start checks.
Invoicing – Digital invoices can be sent through the web app for every job recorded. Ag-drive also fully integrates with accounts
packages Xero & Quickbooks. Job reports can also be attached.
Works offline – In no signal, the job will still be recorded and updated to the cloud once in signal or Wi-Fi.
Cloud based – Data can never get lost, paperwork can.

Ag-drive is free to download on the apple and google play stores.
From 20p per user a day, Ag-drive is the most cost-effective way to manage your business.
As a DBG Member you can get your first 2 months of your subscription FREE, please see your e-mails or call the office for the code.

Sign up at , if you would like a demo of the app via Zoom, please get in touch.

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