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Membership Fees:

  • Membership fees are charged based on acreage and invoiced quarterly from DBG.
  • Main farm inputs are invoiced direct to farm from the supply network.

Becoming a member:

A bespoke benchmarking review is recommended for all potential members to illustrate savings. A no-obligation visit will help identify your needs and provide you with valuable market information. Our portfolio is quite extensive which is why we recognise your membership is your choice – for your benefit.

Confidentiality is the key to our success. All our members are required to sign a declaration of trust as a commitment to respect the confidential nature and sensitivity of all pricing information. Quotations are not discussed outside the membership and this has resulted in a high level of trust within our supply network leading to excellent trading relationships.

All members agree to pay the supply network on time and this allows us to bring you some of the best prices within the industry.

Tailor made membership is available for all.